Poker Media and Advertising Campaigns

When it comes to any big brand, marketing and media play an important role. Poker Media is a massive industry and advertising budgets seem to be never-ending. In a world of social media and interaction, advertising and getting your brand noticed has never been more important. Let's take a look at how some of the big name poker brands are using the media and advertising to their benefit.

The Sport of Poker Business

Caesars Interactive Entertainment: In an ad blitz for their World Series of Poker site, WSOP, they ran a series of advertising campaigns that included TV, radio, print and digital. The ads were aimed at promoting online poker and emphasized the "whenever", "wherever" availability of online gaming. In one of their TV ads we saw a man struggling to conceal his "tell" and then we see him playing from home and saying, "online I don't need a poker face."

One of their radio advertisements played on the idea of winning "real money in my undies" and also using the phrase "a flush while I flush". Again the emphasis was on playing online poker games from home.

PokerStars: Two of the world's most popular footballers are to be the main attraction in a brand new Facebook advertising campaign by this poker brand. Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar Jr. will both appear in videos that show them playing online poker around the world. This is to be the biggest PokerStars marketing campaign and it will launch with exclusive distribution on the social networking site Facebook. These ads will eventually air on television.

PokerStars have also used tennis champ Rafael Nadal in their new mobile ad campaign. That's not all this company has done to promote their online poker games. They partnered with Sizmek, and MediaMath to launch an innovative real-time campaign to promote their European Poker Tour. The event is to be streamed live and at the final table of just eight players, the video will show the players' cards so that viewers can get an inside look at each of the player's strategies.

Californians for Responsible iPoker (CRI): A new ad campaign shows regulated online poker as being the antidote to unscrupulous offshore operators and calls on voters to ask legislators to support regulation. CRI is backed by a coalition that includes Amaya/PokerStars and will include web display ads and radio spots.

Full Tilt: Another very prominent brand in the online poker industry, they are launching a new and different advertising campaign that will focus on sharing player experiences. This is in line with their new policy that focuses on the thrill and excitement players get from playing poker online as well as casino games and slots.