What Are Some Of The Alternatives to Banner Ads - Do They Work?

Say someone has a Poker website for example. What would some of the ways of advertising it effectively be? What are some of the alternatives to banner ads?

Well the truth of it is there are absolutely loads of alternatives to banner advertising. As with everything some will work and some won't work. It is all dependent on one's target audience and website. What works with one business may be totally ineffective with another.

With alternatives to banner ads there's still only one way anyone can validate anything, and that is with constant testing. Test test and test again. Be sure to test everything and eventually one should end up with valuable feedback.

Remember, its every bit as valuable knowing what not to do as what to do, don't deem testing as a failure if it doesn't give the desired results.

Thomas Edison who invented the light bulb all those years ago was considered eccentric by many. What a lot of people aren't aware of is he never gave up on his light bulb invention.

It took him 10,000 trials before he was successful and when questioned on it he said that he had found 9,999 different ways first that didn't work, it was just a question of time! Brilliant stuff, eh!

Some of the alternatives one may wish to pursue are: Text Links, Page Peel, Pop Ups, Pop Unders, Pop Downs, Buttons, and Information Within Images (if one's awarding bonus points and geo-targeting). There's also status bar alerts, Text Images Tied In With Content, Backround Ads, and the most reliable evergreen form of marketing there's ever been, Word Of Mouth, i.e. Personal Referral or Recommendation.

These are all great alternatives and each have their merits. Obviously much is down to budgets and how much is available to get ones particular message across. It's interesting to note that such a mega brand as Facebook which everyone on the planet has heard of, are currently running TV ads in the UK, why would that be one wonders? It's certainly an alternative to banner ads, albeit a costly one, that's for sure!