WSOP Advertising Is In A League Of It's Own - Remember These Ads?

It's interesting to take a look each year at the WSOP advertising campaigns. When it comes to getting their brand name out there in the marketplace, it seems they rarely miss a trick and always seem to have all their bases covered so as to reach as many people as they possibly can and make maximum impact in any way that they can.

One can imagine that the WSOP advertising budget is extremely well funded. The battle for the stay at home players starts when Caesars Interactive Entertainment launches into their ad blitz for their World Series Of Poker Site, which usually starts out with a soft launch.

For example a couple of years ago the campaign set in motion by an independent shop in Venice California called Zambezi, included radio and TV, print and digital, as well as out of home advertising along with their partnerships they ran in conjunction with Caesars' Casinos.

Ads usually advertise the "wherever and whenever" availability of playing games online, as well as the added bonus of being able to be involved from the comfort of one's own home.

Example of TV ads have included the guy who had trouble concealing his facial expressions when playing and how he finds relief by playing at home saying " Online, I don't need a Poker face".

Another commercial for the WSOP features a guy who gets carried away celebrating his winning hand. That of course is a no-no when playing Poker in a casino, however when at home, players are allowed to do any kind of victory dance that captures their imagination!

Not to forget the radio ad which gained great notoriety and fame playing up the rather unpleasant borderline idea of being dealt "a flush while I flush", and the cheeky one of winning " real money in my undies"! Whatever next are they likely to come up with, one can only wonder, with WSOP advertising, it seems anything goes!